In the mid 1800's, the early planners decided that the town should squat on a swamp so they set about draining the spongy land while the displaced frog population were resettled. The town was designed in an orderly grid system which reflected the conservative mutton and potatoes disposition of the settlers. However the main streets were a distinctive 40 metres in width - as wide as a runway or landing strip which was the first indication of Invercargill's future role.

There were few early reports of extra-terrestrial activity which could not be attributed to the large alcohol consumption of the region. However an outbreakof sightings over the Tokanui/Tuatapere (sausage capital of New Zealand) area in the 1970's alerted international watchers who followed reports closely.









Tower of entrapment

Artists impression of the water tower cuppola as it may have appeared in 1932 and how it now appears

Invercargill's early prosperity resulted in many other impressive buildings. A large number of these have been demolished to make way for more utilitarian construction however the water tower still remains.

The cupola of the 40 metre high tower was removed in 1932 "because of difficulties in maintenance". It is commonly believed that a "flying saucer" may have become trapped above the structure, the 66,000 gallons of water interferring with the alien crafts magnetic propulsion sytem.

(*Note that rather interestingly the measurement of 40 is heavily featured in Invercargill's planning and may in itself be a cosmic code:

Width of Dee and Tay streets

Half the size of of Queens Park

First church: 32 metres +approx 1-8 metres of weather vane

Distance between Molly O'Grady's and Frog 'n' Firkin)

The surveyor F. Tuckett was rumoured to have described the site as "a mere bog, utterly unfit for human habitation". Mick Jaggers made a subsequent description over a century later likening Invercargill to the terminal section of the worlds large intestine which was "bog" connected.



Invercargill, New Zealand and Roswell, New Mexico with their strikingly similar inner city layout
% who believe each of the following is true:
  • Intelligent beings from other planets have been in contact with Southlanders
  • Intelligent beings from other planets have abducted Southlanders to observe or experiment on them
  • Intelligent beings from other planets are not interested in Southlanders as most are too heavy for the transporter beam
  • sampling error is +3.1% taken from survey at the Northern Tavern on Thursday 1999