In February 1997, these mysterious objects were photographed in the early morning sky.

We can now gauge the dimensions of the disk as having a circumference slightly larger than a '57 chevy. Travelling in a westerly direction in an erotic zig-zag pattern it was witnessed by several patrons of the Sugar Shack on their return home and was estimated to be travelling at well over the speed limit.

The photographer was able to capture the same object ( top left of the frame) as it briefly reappeared over the Railway Hotel. Experts now agree that it was unlikely to be a weather balloon as these are always carried out over Foveaux Strait by the cyclonic winds.
Click to hear the airhorns
click to hear sound of object
comparative scale as seen from 20 metres. A witness recalls a distinct sound emiting from the object when it was overhead.



Extract from local paper stating that on February12th 2000, several dilthium crystals, a Klingon cermonial scabbard and five whitebait nets were taken from a Mersey Street premises.