Invercargill by night and by day

A decade has passed and Invercargill's citizens are still trying to fathom the significance of the symbols which appear annually in the main street. Although the sequence varies, these symmetric elements take on a less phosphorescent hue during the day. It was initially thought that the elements served as a form of cosmic lighthouse. However it is understood that they contain a message for humanity due to the lack of any subsequent invasion.

Millions who believe in the Roswell cover-up insist the truth is still out there. The answer to Invercargill's riddle may be hovering just beyond the Foveaux Strait horizon.


The curly baseball field

Strikingly similar to one of the Nazco lines, ufologists have determined this sign represents "welcome cosmic friend " or " comical haircut my friend"

the funky gecko paw

Referred to as the funky gibbom paw is the universally recognised phrase "please abduct me, I need a probe

the funky gecko pawthe funky gecko paw

"make mine a double"

Alien reduction

In the early 1990's, the resident urban population dropped 4.5 per cent and has been declining dramatically ever since. Although this depopulation can partially be attributed to the economic climate, there is an estimated 5,000 Southlanders who "just left".

This exodus undermines some economists who suggest that the economic prospects are good for the region. An explanation for the vacated properties and empty streets is being investigated especially as rumours abound in the deep south about flashing lights and long green probing fingers.

One anonymous witness whose brother was abducted recalls:"I noticed the transformative nature of his experience. He had been through quite a trauma - taken against his will and subjected to some rather strange and unpleasant procedures - I expected there to be a great bitterness. But he took a positive view and subsequently developed a spontaneous interest in environmental issues in particular relating to the toheroa resource at Oreti beach".

Basic category of sightings
Distant UFO's
DE1: Phenomena seen at a distance - nocturnal lights, daylight disks, anything in the sky other than Air New Zealand, Southern Air or Ansett
Close encounters of the 1st kind
CE1 : Phenomena does not interact with its environment
Close encounters of the 2nd kind
CE2 : Close observation in which ground or foliage is damaged
Close encounters of the 3rd kind
CE3 : Now infamous classification in which occupants are observed in or around the phenomenon
Speights UFO's
SP1 : Phenomena is observed and telepathic or psychic contact made through a altered alcohol-induced state. May feature time-lapses and perceived enhanced mental abilities

Methane wave mechanics

Researchers have found correlations between increased UFO activity and rises in geomagnetic activity levels based on hundreds of sighting in rural France. It is characteristic to seek patterns and connections in the growing data supplied by reports and there is now some evidence that high levels of sheep methane immediately precede Southland sightings.

Calculations indicated a 30 degree eastwards advance from the Alliance Freezing Works of each methane wave which would generate 5-17 sightings over a two month period. The gas may even be a component in the UFO propulsion system and the visits used as method of harvest.

Despite the difficulties in assessing data, the methane or the sonic pulse as the gas is passed may in fact trigger UFO activity. The high alcohol consumption of the province may also play some part in the theory. Experiments are now underway to test this theory when the required number of flatulent sheep have been found.

Methane pulse which may attact the visitors












Roswell - alien nation

In 1947 some joy-riding aliens allegedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. A few days after the event, the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release saying it had recovered the wreckage of a "flying disk" sparking news around the world.

A few hours later the Army Air Force in Texas announced that after further analysis the debris was actually a weather balloon. The government was accused of covering up the affair provoking a rash of conspiracy theories.